Metreno respects your privacy

Metreno is a SaaS system for tests generation, sales & management, owned by Metreno AS. Metreno AS is responsible for the security of information on this website. Metreno AS sets high standards for security, privacy and confidentiality of the information on Metreno website. Our website policy is:

Email addresses are considered confidential information. They will not be sold or distributed to others, and we will not send out advertising or spam. If you leave your email address on Metreno, you will only receive an e-mail directly related to what you showed interest (eg. Notification about an event you are involved with).

We use browser information to ensure the quality of our services. This information is anonymously and is not stored along with the IP addresses or other identifying data.

Some urls which can be found in the Metreno can redirect you to sites that are beyond their control Metreno AS. Please note that these websites may operate with different rules for online privacy than those listed here.

Data that you fill in various forms are processed by the Personal Data Act and will not be used for purposes other than those desired. This information will not be sold or further distributed.

Logs of suspicious activity and access information can be stored for security purposes. Evidence of attacks and other malicious activity will, if necessary, be handed over to the appropriate government institutions and departments for investigation.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please send an email to the Managing Director of Metreno AS, Frode J. Laugen (